Vision and Mission

Inspired by the precepts of social justice, solidarity and social inclusion and respect for human dignity, Advocacy for Legacy is committed to advancing the life chances and opportunities for all in Maltese society with specific emphasis on empowering those most vulnerable to social exclusion, risk of poverty, including the children, youth and the elderly, to realise their aspirations and full human potential.


To this end, Advocacy for Legacy’s mission is to act as a pro-active networking platform for all stakeholders, including the business community, professionals, activists, opinion leaders, practitioners and academics in the social sector, parents, service users, and other social partners, with the aim of sharing experiences and best practices.

Such expertise together with empirical evidence in the field, will serve as a requisite backdrop for Advocacy for Legacy to catalyse and institute game-chasing initiatives addressing the needs of vulnerable groups and to raise awareness in the Maltese community on the importance of shared responsibility for championing and furthering the life changes of those most in need.

Ultimately Advocacy for Legacy’s primary scope is to harness and channel all the strengths at hand to create and to bequeath future generations the legacy of a more resilient and inclusive Maltese society for the years to come.