Strategic objectives

A4L will work towards these strategic objectives:


  • In partnership with the private entities deploy corporate social responsibility initiatives for the benefit of children, youths, people with disabilities and other groups in danger of poverty and social exclusion;


  • Together with relevant NGOs identify key areas of assistance which can be deployed as social responsibility initiatives in partnership with the private sector;


  • Create a discussion platform by bringing together academia, public officers, the voluntary sector and other members who are directly involved in children and youth well-being;


  • Issue feedback on topical issues related to children, youth and other audiences which A4L consider to be in a vulnerable position;


  • Actively participate in the design, drafting and adoption of key national policies and programmes for the social and economical advancement of the targeted audience;


  • Liaise and actively engage in ongoing dialogue and actions with voluntary organisations who through their activities provide short and/or long-term respite accommodation;


  • Collaborate with other not-for-profit organisations who share A4L mission and who can partner with the Foundation in actions which provide an improved quality of life to children, youth and other vulnerable audiences


  • Monitor the international and local developments affecting children and youth wellbeing, and actively participate in key fora;


  • Facilitate national networking and convergence of efforts and synergies in improving social and economic wellbeing of children and youth and other vulnerable audiences


  • A4L will periodically consult with the public, private and non-Governamental sectors through a Council which will be composed of individuals representing all the major stakeholders working with children, youth, persons with disabilities and other social and economic disadvantaged audiences.


  • Other persons will participate in the Council in their personal capacity since their professional and/or academic experience is considered valuable for the work of the Organisation. A Management Board supported by an Executive Team will be responsible for the implementation of the Organisation’s initiatives.


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